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About Solar Panel Cleaning Services Ltd

We are a family business based in the Herefordshire Golden Valley, specialising in the professional cleaning of solar panels throughout the UK

Quality solar panel cleaning is essential to the very basic maintenance required for any solar pv array. 

Dirty solar pv systems ultimately result in a financial loss of return for the owner and may also affect the warranty. However, a scheduled cleaning program can maximize the overall solar pv systems performance, fulfilling the panels potential and therefore it is a critical solar maintenance service that will pay for itself.

Our manual solar panel cleaning service operates widely in the UK

We are reputable solar panel cleaners, offering a much needed professional service within the solar industry.

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What our clients say about Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Nathan Marsh, Solar Manager at solar stellar Installations Ltd

    Solar Panel Cleaning provide us with a professional and reliable service. They are able to offer a wide range of skills and ideas to help us in our bespoke industry.

    We would recommend SPC for any job, large or small.

  • John Spence, Herefordshire

    I  received a superb service. My solar panels were cleaned on the barn roof with great care. The dirt had built-up considerably and the panels are now working much better.

    Thank-you, I highly recommend your services.

  • Mrs Miller

    Very happy with the punctual and courteous service. Much happier now that my solar panels are clean and performing at their best.

We are able to clean both roof and ground mounted solar arrays with ease

As a family business we strive to provide a consistently, high quality, manual solar panel cleaning service that compliments the necessary maintenance required for all solar pv systems.

Contact us to discuss your cleaning requirements.